Wrinkle Reduction Tips

There comes the time for wrinkle reduction, and that’s when you start to have a love- hate relationship with the mirror. Yes, that’s when fine lines and premature wrinkles begin appearing on your face. As part of a beauty and wellness regime, it’s always advisable to take time for anti- aging treatments. You might be thinking botox injections, or an eye lift, a face lift and so on. They can “iron” the wrinkles on your face, but they would put a hole in your pocket, too. What’s more, these are drastic anti- aging procedures wherein long term draw backs can result. So how about a more caring wrinkle reduction treatment for you? That is, other than working on your skin, you work on the inside, too. In other words, considering your total health and wellness along with being beautiful.

For starters, mind your lifestyle. It is always not a good idea to have a smoking or drinking habit. Avoid too much sun exposure as well. It causes dryness of the inner and outer layers of the skin which leads to premature aging. In wrinkle reduction, it is important to clean your face daily. See to it that you remove make- up, dirt and other skin debris at the end of the day. Your diet is also crucial- eat healthy to have a healthy body and healthy skin. Eat foods that are rich sources of omega- 3 oils. Sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel and anchovies are some of them, but ask your doctor about the required amount for consumption.

Ask your dermatologist about the most suited anti- wrinkle treatment for you. He or she can recommend the right products and the right dosage of them for your treatment. Note, however, that an anti- wrinkle treatment takes time until the best results happen. So stick to your dermatologist’s recommendations. Otherwise, you can resort to buying products to protect your skin, such as a good sunscreen or topical retinoid like Retin- A, co- enzyme Q10 and vitamin C. Vitamin C contains collagen, a substance that maintains the stability of the skin. Drinking ample amounts of green tea supplies you with antioxidants that support smooth skin, too.

Lasting changes don’t happen overnight, so take time for wrinkle reduction inside and out- it’s worth it.

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