Which Ingredients Do the Best skin whitener Contains?

People seek skin whitener for a variety of reasons, including age spots, freckles and sun damage, but what, exactly, is in these products? Many of the ingredients found in skin lighteners are natural derivatives, but it is important to know just what you are getting when you purchase a product to help lighten your skin.

Alpha-Arbutin – Another natural ingredient derived from the leaves of bearberry plants, it can also come from cranberry, blueberry and pear leaves. It works in conjunction with beta-arbutin to block melanin production.

Avocado Oil – Used in skin whitener for its moisturizing effects, it is also known to reduce age spots, lessen sun damage, and reduce scarring.

Beta-Arbutin –A white powder that comes from the leaves of a bearberry plant originating in China. It is primarily used in skin whitener to minimize liver spots and freckles or to treat sunburn.

Extrapone nutgrass – Derived from a root found in India, it inhibits melanin and is very effective as a natural skin lightener or skin whitener. It also reduces freckles.

Gigawhite 5% – This is a skin whitener. With regular use, it brightens the skin, reduces age spots, and corrects melasma within two to three months. It is a plant extract useful for both oily and dry skin types.

Glycolic Acid 10% – Derived from the sugar cane plant, it exfoliates the skin, balancing uneven tones.

Hydroquinone – This is a powerful skin whitener. In the United States, concentrations are limited to 2% in over-the-counter products, and 4% in prescription skin whitener products.

Kojic Acid – Stops melanin (dark pigment) production and minimizes the appearance of liver spots, freckles, acne, and pregnancy spots. First found in mushrooms in Japan, it is used in very small amounts in skin lightening products to offset possible negative side effects.

Mulberry Extract 0.5% – This natural derivative functions as an antioxidant, helping improve the skin’s metabolism and purity. It can help whiten skin, lessen the appearance of freckles, increase skin flexibility, and deter wrinkling.

Niacinamide 5% – This is a combination of vitamin B3 and niacin. It has anti-inflammatory effects, making it useful for skin conditions such as acne, dark spots, uneven skin texture, and red blotches.

Retinol – This is a form of vitamin A. It resurfaces and smoothes the skin and gives a more youthful look. It penetrates the skin on a deep level and helps produce a glowing complexion.

Tyrostat – This plant extract inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme that creates red or brown pigmentation. Tyrostat is a skin whitener that is very safe and effective.

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