Tips for lips – Lip liner

For the art of beauty, lip liner is essential. It is a really great tool –  it defines your lips, helps you to shape your lips better and keeps lipstick from smudging. It is also a bit tricky to use, but once you understand the basics, it becomes really simple.

1. Choose the color that corresponds to your lip color. It shouldn’t be the same color exactly, but a little darker than the main color. This will make your lips stand out.

2. Complete all other make up, before you you start with lip liner and lip color.

3. Apply it inside of the lip, starting from the corner and going to the middle. If your lips are thin, draw the line as close to the edge as possible – it will visually enlarge your lips. If your lips are too full, draw the line just a bit below the natural line of your lips, to make them look smaller.

4. The line shouldn’t be thin, like with eye liner. The effect will be too harsh. So make the line soft and thick, and then smudge it a little bit inside the lip, to make it easier to blend with lipstick. You can also fill your lips completely with the liner – it is usually drier than lipstick and will make your color stay longer on top.

5. Round the arch area to create softer look. Don’t draw pointy corners even if your lips naturally have them. Try to round them down a little bit by creating a thicker line there, compared to the rest of the lip.

And voila! Now you are ready to put on lip color. Apply it evenly, covering the lip liner slightly and your lips are ready.

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