Testosterone Therapy

Many positive occurrences in the human body are the result of a healthy level of the important hormone: Testosterone. Quite a few people are of the opinion that a man’s virility and youth are derived from this hormone. The testicles are the primary source of testosterone in the male body. Testosterone levels affect energy levels, the libido, the ability to focus, memory and the development of muscle mass. A number of men have turned to Testosterone Therapy in an attempt to regain the virility of their youth. Testosterone Therapy is sometimes called a “fountain of youth”. This therapy is being observed with care because we don’t yet know the full health benefits it may provide.

We are all aware of the fact that the male body has the highest levels of testosterone in evidence during the teen and young adult years. After age 40, the level of testosterone present in a man’s body will decrease naturally. It is not uncommon for many mature men to experience a drop in levels of testosterone. This Testosterone Therapy regimen has been advocated as an aid for men who have experienced a drop in their testosterone levels. This version of therapy has proven to make men more sexually aroused. The happy side effects of Testosterone Therapy are an increase in self-esteem, a greater sense of well-being, and an improvement in intimate relationships. In combination with HGH (human growth hormone), Testosterone Therapy can be extremely beneficial for men with low levels of testosterone.

Some men who have normal testosterone levels still want to pursue therapy. However, in these instances, there’s no benefit to therapy. Physicians frequently use such a regimen to help men affected with “male menopause“. Some people are surprised to learn that men go through a kind of menopause. Usually, symptoms become stronger as men age. If testosterone levels are low, a man may experience problems with ejaculation (delayed or premature) as well as problems attaining and maintaining an erection.

Testosterone Therapy – Within the first month of starting Testosterone Therapy, men receiving the treatments have reported having a complete return of their sexual prowess. If you are experiencing a short slump in your levels of testosterone, adding a zinc supplement to your daily routine may help. Whenever a man observes his testosterone levels have changed, he should seek out a doctor’s opinion. The reasons why men may experience low sperm levels remain mysterious; however, it is known that zinc assists in boosting fertility.

Alvaro Morales, MD is a professor of urology at Queens University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). He has written a number of published research papers on the subject of testosterone. Dr. Morales says that testosterone may be regarded as a safe and natural compound. He warns, nonetheless, that when testosterone is replaced in older men, it may have some adverse effects. He cautions that these effects must be carefully monitored. He also states that he watches these effects every three months during the first year of testosterone therapy. He says that any problems will surface during this time. Morales maintains that the most important health consideration when it comes to Testosterone Therapy is prostate health. He cites the incidence of the latent growth of prostate cancer in older men who have used testosterone enhancement therapies.

Testosterone Therapy – Be aware of the fact that you must not begin a hormone replacement therapy on your own. If you feel you are in need of Testosterone Therapy, be sure to discuss it with your physician. Reactions to testosterone therapy vary from one man to another.

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