Permanent lip augmentation options

There are fillers and implants available today, that offer permanent lip augmentation, but require surgical involvement and health risk. Read our article to get basic information about this type of lip enlargement.

Those who seek permanent lip augmentation have a few options today. First option is injections of certain products that will remain in the lips for a long time. Liquid silicone was one of these substances, but it is not recommended anymore for lip augmentation due to controversies over its risks and benefits. The most known modern substance for permanent lip enlargement is Artefill.

What is Artefill?

Artefill, also commonly known as Artecoll, is a synthetic soft tissue gel filler based on purified bovine (cow) collagen. Artefill also has anaesthetic properties. This way the pain relief is provided by the substance itself at the time of injection. The great advantage of Artefill is that its results appear almost immediately.

Injection of Artefill is a medical procedure and you need to take an allergy test about a month before the treatment to check if you have a reaction to bovine collagen contained in the filler.

If everything is fine, you can continue with the injection, which normally lasts approximately 15 minutes and is carried out in the doctor’s office.

Sometimes more than one treatment session is needed. In these cases, the Artefill treatments are usually performed three to six weeks apart. The recovery time from this procedure is minimal or almost none.

Second option for permanent lip augmentation is implants.

The implants have different commercial names, such as SoftForm, UltraSoft, Gore-Tex and Advanta, but are based on the same material – expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a non-reactive, non-toxic polymer.

The main advantage of this method is that implants give a more defined and pouty look. The procedure is also reversible if desired – the implants can be removed later.

Lip augmentation with implants takes about 35-60 minutes, during which the material is inserted in the lips through small incisions. This is done under local anaesthesia.

During recovery, a patient usually experiences swelling, general discomfort, tightness and possibly bruising for a few weeks. It is also possible that the implant may be felt through the lips.

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