A Guide to Running


With the summer finally upon us, there is no excuse to burrow back into your duvet and forget all about that early morning run. It is time to throw back the door, lace up your running shoes and get moving. But before you hit the streets, it is vital that you prepare your body to avoid sustaining an injury. Follow these simple tips to improve your fitness and ensure your run is as enjoyable as possible …

Rework the Diet

Believe it or not, diet can actually be key to a successful run. The impact of running places a great deal of pressure on joints, muscles and tendons and carrying extra bodyweight can increase this pressure significantly. By improving your diet, you can lose weight and in turn ease the pressure on your body. Before a run, try to avoid unhealthy, fatty foods as these are difficult for your body to break down, which can leave you feeling lethargic and demotivated.  Likewise, running on an empty stomach can leave you feeling unwell. Instead, opt for foods that contain carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, as these are excellent stores of energy that will sustain you for the length of your run. Remember to drink lots of water too, to keep hydrated.

Kit up

As well as preparing your body, it is essential that you have the correct equipment for your run. Footwear is the most important factor to consider before a run. An ill-fitting, unsuitable or uncomfortable trainer can lead to discomfort and could potentially lead to an injury. These Nike running shoes, available from Millet Sports, are a good all-rounder that you can use for everyday wear as well as running. With a thick sole to cushion the foot, the breathable material of these shoes keep the feet cool whilst the reflective stripes make sure you are safe and seen. Also, invest in some specialist running clothing that are specially designed to maintain your body temperature, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Quality over Quantity

Whilst you may want to dive straight into running, the trick is to build up your running ability and the length of your routes gradually. Starting with an overly ambitious distance can not only cause injury and tiredness, but potentially discourage you from running again. Start with manageable length runs that will ease you in and try to break up your running with low impact activities like swimming or biking. These are easier on the body and are perfect to give your body a break whilst still building strength.

By following all of these tips, you will be in prime condition to start running and building up your fitness.

Top 3 Exercises When Heavily Pregnant

med ball

To stay healthy and feel at your best, all woman must take part in regular exercise and a balanced diet, especially when pregnant. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can make you feel at your best when your body is going through dramatic changes. While heavily pregnant, it can also improve your posture and decrease some of the most common discomforts like backaches and fatigue.

If you were physically active before becoming pregnant, you should be able to continue exercising in moderation, remembering not to push yourself and do what’s comfortable now. If you have never exercised regularly before you can always start during your pregnancy after consulting with a doctor first. If you’re either an expert or beginner, here are the three top exercises you can do whilst heavily pregnant:

1, Swimming

Swimming is an enjoyable and safe way to exercise while you’re pregnant, as it improves your circulation, increases your strength while building muscle and adding to your stamina – which helps during labour. One reason many mothers-to-be continue swimming up until their third-trimester is because they almost feel weightless, taking all the pressure off the joints whilst keeping you cool. When getting closer to your due date, try some maternity swimwear to make you feel more comfortable while exercising.

2, Walking

This is the best form of exercise for when you’re pregnant, as walking will keep you fit without hurting your knees of ankles. This is especially good if you were inactive before becoming pregnant, as you can slowly start walking at your own pace and length. When in your third-trimester you can keep up your walking routine – making sure you stay on even, flat paths and preferably near your home in case of an emergency.

3, Exercise Ball

Using a birth exercise ball can help you prepare for giving birth as well as help accustom your body to exercise again after labour. Using one of these balls whilst heavily pregnant can help strengthen your pelvic muscles,helping you in preparation for childbirth. It can also ease you back into regular exercise after your 6 week check. You should go for a ball that supports at least 250-300 pounds and has the must-have feature called anti-burst.

These exercises carry very little risk of injury, benefit your entire body, prevent discomforts and can be continued right up until birth.


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