Oils are your lips’ best friends

I hear quite a lot of questions about which product is better to use when you have chapped lips and common lip balms don’t help. The answer for me is simple – when ready-made products are not effective, use plain oils. It’s cheap, natural and it really works.

Lips have very thin skin, which needs to be protected from wind, sun, cold temperatures and lipstick. This function is carried out by oils naturally produced by skin. But when your lips are dry and scaling, it means your lips don’t have enough oil to protect them. So you can replenish your skin with some plant oils.

Which ones are best to use?

While vegetable oil is probably available in any household, it’s not the best to use, although it can help too if it’s an emergency and you don’t have any other oil.

The next most commonly available is olive oil. This is great to use for lips. Use just a small drop and smudge it over your mouth. Don’t be afraid to put a thick layer. Your lips will absorb what they need in a few minutes and then you can pat them dry with soft tissue, to remove excess.

If your lips are severely dry and damaged, you may need to make numerous applications during 2-3 days to help them heal. Use a drop of olive oil on your lips before going out of the house (but remove the excess first) to create a protective layer on your lips.

As I said, olive oil is a great first-aid product for your lips. But if you are into cosmetics and aromatherapy, you may want to try using other basic oils. Jojoba, peach kernel and avocado oils work miracles on dry lips.

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