Need a boost in confidence?

Do you avoid going out and taking photographs of yourself coz your skin has dark spots, liver spots or hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal changes, pregnancy or too much exposure to the sun? Worry not!  Skin whitening treatments is the key to help you lighten your skin and get back your confidence!

Skin whitening treatments can take different forms – Creams, bleaches, moisturizers, Laser treatments and also cryosurgery and more. Amongst the creams and bleaches available many are tailored for ethnically darker complexions. Darker skin produces more melanin and hence needs products that are specifically researched and customized.

The most accessible and economical treatments are of course the skin whitening creams and bleaching creams. The sheer variety available can leave us perplexed when it comes to choosing the right product. However some of the ingredients to look out for while choosing a safe and effective skin brightening cream are Alpha Arbutin, a new skin lightening ingredient that works faster than any other lightening agent. It has been well researched and proven to produce better skin lightening results compared to other commonly used single components. Some forms of Vitamin C like BV-OSC also help in whitening while protecting the DNA encouraging collagen synthesis and working as an anti-oxidant. BV-OSC also helps in treating acne and preventing the appearance of dark spots.

While understanding ingredients can be difficult, it is of utmost importance due to the presence of potentially harmful ingredients in some products. These will not only harm the skin but can also cause liver and brain damage. So take time to research your product.

One of the reliable products in this category is Ageless Derma Face Brightening Cream. It uses certain natural ingredients like BioWhite- Mulberry-Grape Juice and Belides-Daisy with proven results and backed by ongoing research. So take heart and lighten up yourself and the room!

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