Lip Plumpers Reviews

Best Lip PlumpersLips are  often viewed as a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. This has many origins, above all, the lips are a very sensitive, erogenous and tactile organ.

Physical attractiveness refers to the degree to which a persons physical traits are regarded as aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. In general, there are certain features that people exhibit, that are considered more attractive and sexy – full lips is one of those features.

Angelina Jolie LipsThis is further proven with plastic surgeons worldwide reporting that one of the most asked for procedures us Angelina Jolie lips. But running straight to you plastic surgeon is a little drastic, especially considering the risks and side effects associated with cosmetic surgery, not to mention the high cost of treatment.

Have You Thought of Using a Lip Plumper?

Fortunately, there is another solution for those of us who are dreaming of having full, voluptuous pouts. One that is cost effective without the harmful side effects and painful injections or surgery.

Lip Plumpers are a non-surgical, temporary way to plump the lips. They usually come in a gloss, as the shimmer effect gives the perception of fuller lips, in addition to the actual plumper itself.

How Do Lip Plumpers Work?

How Do Lip Plumpers Work?There are a couple of different ways that lip plumpers achieve that fuller look and it all depends on the individual product. One way is by putting something in the mix that slightly irritates the lips. They can contain a natural irritant such as chemicals found in chili peppers or red pepper plants. Or they can contain chemical irritants that slightly sting the lips.

When the lips sting, they fill with blood and become swollen or puffy. Lip Plumpers will also include soothing ingredients and moisturizers to dull any discomfort.

Another way lip plumpers can be effective in causing swelling of the lips is through hydration. So, the plumper will contain ingredients that draw water to the lips and absorb it. These ingredients then swell, plumping the lips of the skin.

Which Plumper Is Best?

Idol Lips Lip PlumperWhen shopping for the best lip plumper for you, it’s important to pick a reputable brand. Don’t just look for the cheapest available as you will most likely get what you pay for.

One of the best lip plumpers on the market today is Idol Lips. Idol Lips uses both the hydration and irritation methods of causing the lips to swell, giving you maximum results when using it.

Idol Lips can be used as part of your daily make up regimen and applied often throughout the day. It instantly hydrates, plumps and moisturizes and is a best seller in countries such as the United States, Australia, Sweden, Canada and Brazil.

That many people can’t be wrong. Visit the official Idol Lips site and give it a try.

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