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“I Love My Lips!” 

LIPS – Your lips say so much about you.

“They welcome the world, frame your smile and communicate a powerful image to others. With proper lip care and some useful color application tips, your lips can remain beautiful, healthy, soft and supple.”


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Moist, healthy lips hold and reflect lip color best. Keep your lips hydrated, smooth and supple by following these simple tips for healthy lips.

  • Use lip products that contain moisturizers, antioxidants and lip enhancers like Lip Gel, vitamin-rich collagen Lipstick, or Lip Twin matching Lip Colors & Liner designed for comfort and to maintain lip moisture. For dry lips, try nourishing Lip New Gloss, Lip SIX Lip Balm Gloss with extra lip moisturizers and conditioners that protect your lips from the cold and wind and heal very dry lips or very chapped lips; or Lip Balm Glaze that also contains nourishing bees wax, conditioners and organic emollients. For superior hydration, fuller lips and plumper lips, use a lip collagen enhancer Lip Enhancing Gloss or lip-plumping Clear Lip Serum.
  • Apply lip balm or moisturizing Lip Gel daily, before face-washing, and under or over lip color to keep lips moist and add shine to your lips. Avoid products that contain alcohol or acids as they tend to burn and dry lips out. See various lip care products with vitamins and Lip Conditioners.
  • Gently smooth dry, flaky lip skin by using a natural lip Cream Stick or Vitamin E Stick that is infused with extra bees-wax, lip-conditioners and emollients. Let chapped lip skin heal by allowing the creamy base to naturally soften flaking skin over time. This will smooth the way for lip color to better adhere.
  • Avoid sunburn or over-exposure to the sun which can dry or damage your lips. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or facing the elements, be sure to use a lip balm with sunscreen. Moisturize lips before and after swimming or sunbathing.   Top


LIP LINER – The ‘SECRET’ To Getting The Lips You Want!

  • MATCH:   Select a Lipstick and Lip Liner with closely matching shades to enhance the natural contours of your lips. I Love My Lips lip-enhancing Lip Twins and Lip New Gloss are lasting lip colors with matching liners in one sleek applicator.- Choose lighter lipstick and lipliner colors to make your lips appear larger and fuller.

    – Choose darker tone combinations to make lips appear smaller or finer.

  • OUTLINE & FILL:   Outline lips with lip liner first. Then fill in lips evenly with lip liner. Finally, apply your lipstick or gloss.
  • SMOOTH LINES:   When applying liner and color say “Ahhh” instead of pouting or puckering your lips. This will help you create a smooth line and ensure a more even surface which reflects color better.
  • EVEN SURFACE:   For an even smoother lip surface, use a Lip Cream Sticks before applying liner and lipstick. Keep your lip liner in a cool place or in the refrigerator to get a finer, firmer point when sharpening. To ensure lip color adheres well, dust on a light layer of Loose Powderor Pout & Glo Lip Glow Powder to your lips before and after applying lipcolor.

– Look Larger:   Use your lip liner or pencil to define lips. Only go to the ‘outer-most edge’ of lips and no further. It is important not to go outside your natural lip line. After defining with liner, fill in entire lip area with lip liner – the liner base coat will help hold lip color longer. Apply a light shade lip color or gloss. For fuller, larger lips – explore collagen building Lip Enhancement Therapy & Pout and Glo Lip Plump & Pout.

– Look Smaller:   To make your lips appear smaller, trace just ‘inside’ the natural lip line with your liner. Use darker Matte shades for liner and lipstick. Fill in entire area with lip liner as a base coat to help hold lipstick longer and then apply your lip color or gloss over the liner.

– Look Plumper & Fuller:   For super plump moist-looking lips, use a Lipid Lip Plumping Serum or Lip Plump Gloss like Color Release Voliptuous with lip enhancers and lip augmenting serum. Use a lip liner that closely matches your lipstick and define the extreme edges of your lips. I Love My Lips lip-enhancing Lip Twins and Lip New Gloss have color-coordinated lip color and liner in one applicator.

It is important not to go ‘outside’ your natural lip line. Fill in entire lip area with lip liner to better hold lip color and then apply lipstick. Top lipstick off with a Liquid Lip Gloss, Lip Plump & Pout Glow Powder, Lumi-Shine vitamin E lipshine or crystal clear Moisturizing Gloss particularly highlighting the middle areas of your lips.   Top


LIPSTICK TYPES, TEXTURES & MOODS – Match your lips to the season, ambience, personality, look and mood.


Lipstick textures convey different moods…

– CRÈME:   Very kissable, emphasizes color, neither dull nor showy. Creamy texture contains extra moisturizers and conditioners.

– SHEER:   Light and clean looking. Provides a tint of color with lots of shine. Can be worn alone or over other lipsticks. Sheers, also known as stains or tints convey an understated wet look.

– MATTE:   A dressy more sophisticated look. Very comfortable on lips, neither sticky nor shiny.

– PEARL:   Also known as shimmer or frost. A dressy, sophisticated look with a pearlized shimmer.

– GLOSS:   The ‘wet look’ with color and shine. Can be used alone or over lipstick for a more casual eye-catching look. Protects lips by providing a barrier to the elements and retaining essential moisture.

– GLISTEN:   Lip color that highlights lips with more shimmer and sheen. Also known as glitter or sparkle – reflects light to attract added attention to lips. Creates a very glamourous look when combined with a shimmery Lip Enhancer, glassy Lip Gel, or glowing Pout & Glo Lip Glow Gloss. Complete the look with glittery sunlight Blush and Face & Body Shimmer Indispensable Glow Powder in a brush.

– LACQUERS, LIP GELS & GLAZES:   Smoothing and moisturizing lip color with lip enhancers and subtle shimmer that volumize and fill lips with conditioning ingredients that create a plump, sleek, wet look. For very dry, chapped lips – Lip Glaze Balm treatment, lip-enhancing Lip New Gloss & Liner, or glassy, metallic Lip Gels are ideal.

– PERMANENT / LASTING:   Long lasting moisturizing lip color. Indelible lipcolors are also known as ‘all-day’ and ‘semi-permanent’ lipstick – contains special lip-hugging, conditioning ingredients and a sealant that adheres to lips and help keep color true. Also try lasting, lip-enhancing lip colors with matching liner – Lip Twins. Indelible Liners – Indelible Lips, Indelible Line Indelible Eyes Eyeliner, Indelible Brow Pencils, Indelible Eyes Volumizing Lash Mascara – are also long-wearing, waterproof liners.

– VITAMIN RICH LIPSTICK & LIP GELS:   Vibrant natural colors glide on smoothly and are long lasting. Vitamin rich moisturizing shades are young and bright, the texture – very smooth and silky. Beautiful colors look good on everyone no matter their skin color. Besides giving lips a natural look, these conditioning lipsticks with lip enhancers are designed for superior comfort and hydration. They leave your lips soft and moist, not dried out. Antioxidants in lip-care products help prevent premature aging and improve existing signs of aging by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Lip Gels with lip enhancers are a shimmery, glassy lip balm that make your lips POP & wow! Try Lip Gels

Special Lip-Healing Lip Balm Wheels, ‘Lip SIX Lipstick Balm Wheels’ have extra lip moisturizers and conditioners that protect your lips from the cold and wind and heal very dry lips or very chapped lips.

Lip Color – What shades are in this season? Belle Berry, Berry Sexy Frost, Capuccino, City Lights, Eternity Coco, Love Letter Rose, Madness Red, Riviera Sparkling Red, Mauve Mocha, Mimosa Mocha, Oasis Lite Coco, Sand, Pamper Pink Lips, Playful Pink Rose, Silk Pink Mocha, Siren Maroon, Vintage Mauve.


To soften lips and create a glamorous look, use what model’s use on the runway or for photo-shoots, Lumi-Shine – Lip Enhancing Gloss
Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Lust Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Incognito Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Drama Queen Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – TeaseLumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Soulmate Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – CosmicLumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Trance Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Twisted Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Lip Enhancer Gloss Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Luscious Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Fantasy Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Desire Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss – Paparazzi
Lip Perfect Automatic Lasting Lipliner Pencil is ideal for sensitive lips;
Lip Perfect – Mauve Lip Perfect – Praline Lip Perfect – Rose Lip Perfect – Cappuccino Lip Perfect – Cognac Lip Perfect – Tangerine Lip Perfect – Redwood Lip Perfect – Red Hot Lip Perfect – Mahogany



– DARK SKIN:   Women with dark, tanned or olive-toned skin have the greatest flexibility when it comes to being creative with lip color. Deep lush reds, dark chocolate browns, light browns and brown-reds, deep wines and plums, striking corals, peach, orange and pastel shades all work splendidly. The darker one’s skin tone, the deeper the shade of lipstick one can wear.

– MEDIUM SKIN:   Women with medium-toned skin look magnificent in all shades of red, rose, mauve, berry or brown.

– LIGHT SKIN:   Women with fair light-toned skin look fabulous in light pinks, light peach, light corals, lavender, bluish-tint reds, nude, natural and beige shades.

Find ‘Lip Shades – A to Z’


– CASUAL   Use Neutral shades, a light Pearl, a creamy Lip Gel, or a lasting, liquid Gloss that provides a subtle tint of color.

– DRESSY   Use glamorous red shades, a Frosted Gloss, Lip Gel or Pearl, a shimmery Glaze, or an elegant Velvety Matte for sophistication.

– SEXY / ROMANTIC   Use Sexy colorful liquid shades, or Plumping, lip-enhancing serum with light, shimmery color that plumps and pouts lips for a sensuous alluring look. For super-sexy lips, try Lip Glow and moisturizing shimmer Lip Gel.

– WARM CLIMATES   Subtle pinks, roses, peaches, light glosses, light Frosted Pearls and Sheers are perfect for summer or warm weather climates.

– COOL CLIMATES   Deep Crèmes or Glazes in dark chocolate shades, wines, mauves or plums are wonderfully appealing in winter or cooler weather climates.


Too Dark! – Blend in a lighter-toned topcoat over the dark coat.

Too Bright! – Tone down a bright shade by adding a light topcoat of beige or neutral brown over the bright coat.

Super Matte! – For a serious ‘double matte’ finish, use lip liner to shade entire lip area under your matte lipstick and fill the entire contour of your lips.

Need Contrast or Impact! – Mix your lipstick or gloss with a lighter or darker shade. Blend and mix two lipstick shades or two glosses. Blend a Frost or Shimmer in to get a pearlized look or try a chocolate brown to deepen any shade. Adding a clear or glamorous Liquid Lips Lip-Gloss, Shimmery Lip Gelor Lip Plumper, Pout & Glo Lip Glow on top of any color will make your lips POP and completely glamourize and change the look.

Special FX – For greater contrast and creative special effects, use a Dark Liner with a lighter shade of lip color, or a deeper shade of lip color with a light lip liner. When contrasting lip shades – a darker liner on light lip color gives the illusion of fullness, a lighter liner on a dark lip color gives the illusion of thinness. To really make your lips ‘POP’, use Lip Plumper or Color Release with Voliptuous Lip Enhancer Lip Plumping Gloss or top off your lip color with a Crystal Shimmer Frost or Colorful Pout & Glo Gloss. For a shimmery, glittery eye-grabbing look, powder on some Sexy Glow or Girly Pink Glow Face and Body Shimmer from an Indispensable Brush.

When mixing & blending keep the following in mind:

– Olive complexions look best in light browns and dark brownish reds in warm tones. Shy away from pinks or orange reds.

– Fair complexions look best in brown shades that have a warm pink, rosy or peachy glow, and reds with a bluish hue.

– Dark complexions look best in reds with bluish or purple tones and deep reddish browns. Shy away from pinks or orange reds.   Top


A high-gloss lip serum that moisturizes, plumps and pouts your lips. Lipid lip plumper is a natural-based product that helps restore collagen, instantly fills lip contours, coats and protects your lips. Instantly enhances making lips enticingly fuller and plumper. Fullness may vary depending upon climate and lips’ current condition. Contains NO alcohol or acids that can sting or dry out lips.

Learn more about Voliptuous, a clear, natural lipid serum that won’t sting or burn your lips.

For COLORFUL plump, pouty, sexy lips, try Color Release Lip Plumper Voliptuous with Lip Enhancer ‘Lip Plumping Color Gloss’.

Vo-Lip-tuous is a Lip Gloss and a natural Lip Treatment that stimulates lips, restores collagen, soothes and smooths lips. Natural lipid lip serum works by hydrating lips and increasing moisture making your lips bigger, fuller, plumper and moist. Your lips will appear larger and softer. Voliptuous Lip Enhancer Serum is free of harsh chemicals, acids or alcohol making it gentle and safe to use. It is also one of the most popular Lip Enhancer Serums.

Explore Lip Enhancement Therapy and other lip plumper combos – Lip Plumpers & Enhancers.

Lip Plumper Serum is frequently used in conjuction with Collagen Injections. When applied to lips that have had lip collagen injections, Voliptuous Lip Plump Serum can make your lips look even plumper and bigger. Through natural moisture retention and hydration, you can visibly maintain larger, fuller, plumper lips.

Also try Color Release Voliptuous Lip Enhancer.

Why use a Lip Plumper or Lip Enhancer?


  • Naturally Increases Lip Volume
  • Enhances the Contour and Definition of Lips.
  • Makes Lips Visibly Fuller and Larger.
  • Improves Lip Moisture and Plumpness.
  • Diminishes Unattractive Fine Lines.
  • Fills in Lip Crevices and Plumps Up Lips.
  • Restores Collagen and Improves Texture.
  • Leaves Lips Healthier, Sexier and Voluptuous.    Top 

    LIP COLOR APPLICATION STEPS1. CONDITION LIPS   Use a lip moisturizing product – a conditioning Lip Balm Glaze, or moisturizing Lip Base Creme to smooth lips and maintain moisture. Lip color adheres best to smooth lip surfaces.

    * I personally wouldn’t do the “baby toothbrush” exfole, it’s a trendy suggestion that can create a rougher lip surface in the long run.

    2. PRIME LIPS   To create an initial base coat for lip color to adhere to, apply an even layer of creme lip base, clear matte lipstick, lipliner, or foundation to your lips. Any of these will serve as a primer for your lipstick.

    Note: Some long-lasting ‘indelible lipsticks’ make priming unnecessary.

    3. LINE LIPS   Apply your lip liner starting at the highest peak of your mouth and follow the contour of your lips ‘all the way’ to the corners. When finished defining, lightly fill your lips in with liner to create a secondary base coat. Try Indelible Liners – Indelible Lips & Indelible Line. Indelible Eyes, Indelible Brow – are long-wearing, waterproof liners.

    Please Remember  ‘Not’ to apply lip liner outside the edges of your natural lipline to increase or expand the outline of your lips. If you desire fuller lips, it’s best to use a Lipid Lip Serum to naturally plump & pout your lips. For even fuller looking lips, use lighter lipstick shades and most importantly, a liner that closely matches the lipstick. For an especially ‘Glamourous’ look – top off your lipstick with ‘Liquid Lips’ Gloss, ‘Color Lip Plumper’, or ‘Clear Moisture’ Gloss to enhance, volumize and add dimension.

    · Apply your first coat of lip color.
    · Gently touch lips together, don’t mash down *
    · Re-apply lip color for second coat.

    * you can use blotting paper or a tissue & gently touch against lips, don’t rub lips together – or lip color will smear.

    TIP: For greater control, trying using a lip brush to paint lip color on. The results are fabulous.

    5. TOP COAT – GLOSS or LIP PLUMPER   Apply a Crystal Clear or ‘Colorful Lip Balm Gloss’, ‘Lip Gel Shimmer’, or ‘Lip Plumper Glo Gloss’ as a top coat. To enhance lips for a plumper, fuller look, apply color release ‘Lip Plumper Gloss’ with lip augmenting serum. If you don’t use gloss or sealant as a top coat – it’s always a great idea to dust lips lightly with a ‘Transparent Powder’ to help lock in color.

    Note: Some long-lasting indelible lipsticks and ‘lasting’ lipstick sealant combos make applying a topcoat unnecessary.

    6. SEAL LIPS   Finally, use a ‘Lipstick Sealant’. This will help keep your lip color ‘smudge-proof’, ‘kiss-proof’, ‘fade-proof’, and ‘feather-proof’. Tip: If you use a sealant, give sealant time to set before pressing lips together.

    For a subtle glow that will also help lock in color, try lip pout with a creamy lip powder – Lip Glow.

    7. TEST with a Kiss!  Go out & have some FUN!!!   Top


    Normal Skin – Apply a layer of Moisturizer underneath your foundation for wintry conditions or whenever you face skin-drying elements like the sun, wind, or beach. Preferably use hypo-allergenic, anti-aging, skin treatment Foundation and Concealer, or a Sheer Cover Make-Up Foundation that is a creamy, lightweight foundation that can be applied wet or dry. The extra moisturizing ingredients blend much better than oil-based or dry powdery textures. They also contain skin-nourishing vitamins that are very healthy for your skin.
    – Protect delicate eye area by apply an Eye Renewal Cream before applying makeup. Delicate eye areas should always be moisturized – night and day. – Use Cucumber Fruit Natural Toner and organic Cleansers & Moisturizers to keep skin fresh and protected. – Use a hypoallergenic, light-weight Pressed Powder for absorption as oil begins to appear later in the day or on more humid days.
    – Use Acne-Approved Blush, ‘Loose’ and ‘Collage’ powders throughout the day and especially on humid days to absorb excess oil.
    – For quick touch ups and spot coverage of blemishes, try Liquid Cover Concealer.

    Dry Skin – Apply a moisturizing SPF, anti-oxidant foundation. Preferably use hypo-allergenic, anti-aging, skin treatment Foundation, or hydrating, light-weight Sheer Cover Foundation that can be applied wet or dry. The extra moisturizing ingredients blend much better than oil-based or dry powdery textures. They also contain skin-nourishing vitamins that are very healthy for your skin.
    – Protect delicate eye area by apply an Eye Renewal Cream before applying makeup. Delicate eye areas should always be moisturized – night and day.
    – Avoid harsh chemicals or alcohol-based products. Use Aloe Vera or Chamomile Natural Toner and organic Face & Body tea cleansers, herbal creams and lotions.
    – Apply Alcohol-Free Vitamin Rich moisturizer underneath foundation and repeatedly throughout the day.
    – Mix foundation with an extra dab of moisturizer before applying it under the eye area.
    – For extremely dry skin, use a an antiaging Elastin-Collagen Renewal Creamor Retinol Collagen Cream before applying makeup.
    – For quick touch ups and spot coverage of blemishes, try Liquid Cover Concealer.

    Oily Skin – Apply a natural, gentle oil-absorbing vitamin C Toner on freshly washed skin. A natural based oil-free Beta-Hydroxy Cleanser or organic White Willow Foam is ideal for deep cleaning oily skin.
    – Use a hypoallergenic, light-weight sheer cover makeup Foundation that can be applied wet or dry, or use a water-based oil free hypo-allergenic skin treatment Foundation.
    – Use an oil free concealing stick or ‘Acne Blemish Concealing Crème’ to cover and heal blemishes.
    – Use Acne-Approved Blush, ‘Loose’ and ‘Collage’ powders throughout the day to help absorb oil.
    – For quick touch ups and spot coverage of blemishes, try Liquid Cover Concealer.

    Combination Skin – Apply a layer of Oil-Free Moisturizer underneath your foundation for dry weather conditions. Try organic Deep-Pore Cleanserformulated for combination skin.
    – Use a water-based oil free, hypo-allergenic skin treatment Foundation or light-weight Pressed Powder.
    – Mix foundation with an extra dab of moisturizer before applying it under the eye area. Apply an antiaging Eye Renewal Cream before applying makeup. Delicate eye areas should always be moisturized – day and night.
    – Use Acne-Approved Blush, Loose Powder and Collage powders throughout the day and especially on humid days to absorb excess oil.
    – For quick touch ups and spot coverage of blemishes, try Liquid Cover Concealer.     Top

    – All skin types should preferably use hypo-allergenic, anti-aging, skin treatment formula Foundation and Concealer, or a Sheer Cover Make-Up Foundation or Sheer Cover Liquid Cover Concealer.

    Normal and Dry skin complexions – mix foundation with an extra dab of Eye Renewal Cream before applying makeup. Delicate eye areas should always be moisturized – day and night.

    Oily and Combination skin complexions – dab an oil-absorbing Acne Blemish Concealer where needed, blend and powder. Use Acne-Approved Blush, Sheer Cover Make-Up, Loose Face Powder and Allergy-Approved Collage powders throughout the day to help absorb oil.    Top

    What is COLLAGEN?   Your skin is comprised of two layers.The upper most protective layer called the Epidermis and the layer beneath it called the Dermis.

    The Dermis is made up mostly of a protein fiber network known as ‘Collagen’, which comprises your skin’s support structure. Age, skin condition, heredity, diet and sun damage all affect the longevity of your skin’s tone and elasticity.

    Gentle cleansing and light massage with fingertips helps stimulate skin and enhance blood flow to the surface of your skin. Use natural-based productsthat stimulate cell re-growth to help maintain a beautiful complexion.

    For a complete Skin Renewal Regimen that improves the health of damaged skin, promotes collagen regrowth, and protects against premature aging, explore DermaSoft’s Action C Skin Care – ‘High-Potency’ Action C Vitamin C Serum & Action C Infusion Cream.


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