How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Legs

Black spots on the legs are often the result of multiples scars or more accurately said, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These darker areas are difficult to accept for a lot of women as they feel they cannot dress like they want and cannot wear skirts or evening dresses. To make shorter: black spots on legs are painful for self-esteem.

Did you ever want to lighten scars on your legs? Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on legs is a common and problematic skin condition that affects disaproportionately individuals of ethnic skin color.

Since these dark spots are a big problem for many women, there are various methods to erase them progressively. Let’s have a tour introducing the various protocols and home remedies for black spots on legs:

Chemical peels to remove black spots scars on the legs

Black spots on legs are very often seen in patients with Olive or Black skin.  Dermatologist perform chemical peels in the dark area of the skin and combine the regimen with topical cream treatments.  The results are proven to be effective on the middle term: one can get rid of black spots on legs within a couple of months.

Skin cares to get rid of black spots on legs

Here are combined skin cares to lighten localized hyperpigmentation patches.

To lighten scars on legs, the mainstay therapy would be a combination of bleaching creamretinoid creamglycolic acid or vitamin C as prescribed and supervised by a board-certified dermatologist, it is advised to:

  • Minimize further trauma in affected areas,
  • Achieve strict daily sun protection with sunscreen and sun protective clothing to avoid darker spots on legs,
  • Leg elevation when possible to improve circulation,
  • Frequent application of emollient/moisturizer, particularly after shower.

Laser treatment to eliminate dark spots on legs due to scars

Hydroquinone bleaching creams and laser treatments: the combination of skin whitening creams and local laser treatments on dark legs, while being constraining are one of the best way to get rid of residual scars and dark patches on legs. Of course, a certified dermatologist will prescribe and supervise the whole dark patches removal treatment.
So can you tell us what are you homemade remedies for removing black spots on legs?

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