Facial Night Creams for Different Skin Types

Our skin ages daily from the moment we are born.  By the age of thirty, the skin is showing signs of age, and a little wear and tear.  It is very important for women over the age of thirty to invest in a high quality night cream. Night creams are wonderful, they are heavily moisturizing and work on diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep, and leave you with moist, healthy skin.   Peak absorption of vital ingredients occurs at night. A lot of moisture is lost when you’re sleeping, so when you take that into consideration along with the peak absorption time, it only makes sense to moisturize with night cream before bed.

The right cream not only moisturizes, but also restores the skin, reverses the effects of the pollutants your skin faces daily, reduces wrinkles, renews the skin’s cells, and removes swelling and dark circles around the eyes.

Oily Skin:  Oily skin is caused by an increased sebum production.  If you have oily skin and you are worried about clogged pores and breakouts, look for a product that contains retinoids. With oily skin, it is important to avoid emollients and oily products. Antioxidants will repair your skin, and diminish the excessive oil production.   The inclusion of zinc, calcium and manganese will create anti-inflammatory antibiotic and cooling effects.

Normal Skin:  Obviously, your skin needs assistance to keep aging at bay.  However, you are probably afraid to put any products on it, for fear of a reaction.   The market is full of sensitive skin facial night creams, but it is challenging to figure out which one is right.  A high quality skin cream will contain natural ingredients, will have anti-inflammatory effects, and leave a soothing feel.  A night cream not only needs to moisturize the skin, but it needs to restore lost moisture.  Make sure your night cream contains emollients because these restore the moisture you lost.  Some good ingredients to look out for include peptides, glycerin and herbal extracts such as licorice extract.

Dry Skin: Unlike oily skin, dry skin needs emollients.  Your skin is dry and you need to restore the natural oils in order to retain moisture.  You should find a product with jojoba or grape seed oil. These oils are closest in consistency to the sebum that is produced naturally in your body, and won’t clog your pores. Vitamin C is a vital ingredient when you have dry skin because it assists in cell regeneration, and increases collagen product.  Chamomile is important, too because it creates a soothing effect to skin that is otherwise uncomfortable.

No matter your skin type, it is important to follow these important tips:

  • Choose natural-based products.
  • Choose a product that is designed for your specific skin type.
  • Face must be cleansed and toned prior to moisturizing.
  • Purchase a night cream that isn’t too thick and that allows your skin to breathe.
  • Purchase the same brand day cream as you do the night cream.  This way they work together for the same goal.
  • Always purchase skin care products from a reputable company.

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