Diets for women that work

It goes without saying that women and men are different. In many ways, yes, but mostly in the way they store fat. Men generally have less fat cells than women and therefore their ability to gain weight is dramatically less than that of women. Biologically and evolutionary speaking, women need to have a higher body fat content because eventually many of them need to support another life, carry it, and feed it for years.

Although this is great for raising healthy offspring, women in the modern era (where there is an incredibly high intake of fatty foods) are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off. It took some time, but companies promoting diets realized that because women have different fat content than men, they lose weight in a unique way. More and more diets have been created since then, that are tailored to the special needs of women. Almost all diets for women, now recommend that women take multivitamin supplements. This is because as women our monthly need for nutrients varies throughout the cycle and at some points is so high that processed foods we eat do not meet the needs. Taking vitamins will decrease “cravings” that many women have (which are actually a body’s signal that it needs a certain nutrient) and thus decrease overall calorie intake, thus allowing healthy weight loss.

All women’s bodies change as they age, especially as their monthly cycles come to an end and menopause sets in. Unfortunately, the hormonal changes that occur at this time make it much harder to lose weight for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. This is because the entire body is slowing down. In other words, cells are not growing as fast and as a result, women’s metabolism starts to become slower and slower.

As metabolism slows, so does the amount of time it takes to get rid of the fat in the food (which at a younger age went to growing). So when you are having your second meal, the first one has not been totally processed yet. Adding carbohydrates and calories to previously consumed ones, adds extra stress to the system and slows the metabolism down even more. For older women to lose weight, the most important thing is exercise. This keeps the body rejuvenated and all the organs moving and working efficiently. In addition to quick calorie loss during exercise, physical movement and stress will keep metabolism faster than it otherwise would be.

All diets for women (for them to work well) require women to eat meals that are high in calcium and magnesium. These are essential for keeping hormones balanced in women and thus cut down on cravings. Women require much less calories then men, so the most effective diets for women, all say to cut down on daily calorie intake by as much as 200 calories. Essentially what makes women’s diets different then men’s that they ask participators to increase intake of nutritional foods, increase water drinking, and decrease the portions of meals. These will all contribute to balancing the body in such a way that it reaches in natural, healthy weight.

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