Coconut oil to pamper your skin and hair

The virgin coconut oil is one of the most widely used in many cultures for skin care and to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

Coconut oil

Is extracted from the pulp by pressing coconut, and contains 90% of saturated fatty acids.
Coconut oil is also known as cocoa butter then solidifies below 23 ° C.
Coconut oil is very resistant and can last for years without spoiling.
Coconut oil and beauty
This oil has been used since ancient times by women of Polynesia, Philippines, etc., As a great beauty product that has helped them take care of your hair and skin.
This oil is part of the formulation of cosmetic products, especially products for hair care, soaps, creams and lip moisturizers.

Coconut oil and our hair

The virgin coconut oil is the perfect partner to take care of our hair as we help make it look really beautiful and healthy.
It is a great protector of hair by providing nutrients, bright and very smooth making it ideal for the care of dry, destroyed hair.
It also promotes hair growth and keeps it free of dandruff.

How to use coconut oil?

To achieve these benefits will only have to apply coconut oil on our hair and scalp and we should leave on for about 20 mins before washing.
Skin and coconut oil
Coconut oil can also help us to care for our skin just have to be consistent in the use to enjoy its many benefits.
Coconut oil helps retain moisture from the skin keeping it hydrated.

Tones and softens the skin.

If we use it every night prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
For its antioxidant properties prevent the appearance of age spots, can also help us to eradicate the existing, so we must put a small amount of coconut oil on the spots and massage, repeat several times a day.
Refresh your skin after sun exposure.
Combined with lemon oil and grapefruit juice will help to combat cellulite.
Applied to prevent these lips from drying and eventually cracking.
It is also ideal for use as massage oil.
Get beautiful skin and, above all, healthy is much easier than we think, we just need to have coconut oil among our beauty products.

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