A Buyers Guide To Skin Lightening Creams

Lovely women with beautiful blemish less skin – they are so stunning on the pages of glossies, while you are striving to improve tanned and freckled skin. Hence the continued discovery for skin lightening creams and products. But you know the usual pattern, don’t you. The more beautiful the girls in the commercial for the product, the more probable you are to like the product. And you are aware that the model probably not have used the skin lightening product at all.

You can, however, stop being swayed by promotions and advertisement campaigns if you care to switch to more objective assessments of skin lightening products and how to lighten the skin – the ones that come from the customers and users themselves. You can read them on websites and shopping sites. These will inform you of the true benefits of most of the skin lighteners available in the market.

You will be using the skin lightening cream and therefore you should be well aware of all the facts A number of ingredients used commonly in skin lightening creams and lotions are now known to have harmful effects on one’s skin. Hydroquinone is probably the most talked about. It is used as a melanin inhibitor in some skin whitening creams, but its side effects can include darkening of the skin to light patches because of hyper pigmentation or the entire prevention of melanin production. Over sustained use, hydroquinone can even lead to skin cancers.

Some skin lightening creams often cause a condition called ocronosis. This can cause the melanin pigment, which is positioned nearer the surface of the skin, goes down deeper and can become nearly impossible to take out. Some skin whiteners are also known to result in acne and other kinds of pimples and rashes.

Clinical research has revealed that some ingredients used in the composition of skin lightening creams, such as azelaic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, mercury, arbutin, kojic acid and treitinoin are not harmful if used in low concentrations.

Because of this  you should read as many reports about a skin whitening product as you can prior to purchasing it. Read up about the ingredients that go into its making and try to get hold of at least one report by a medical or professional organization which gives you a technical description of the cream. The consumers who post reports about such products usually begin by describing their skin and why they went for that particular product.

Try not to make the mistake of taking your skin for granted by applying any old skin lightening cream.

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